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Fotógrafo: Romay Corrales | Dayron Villaverde
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Dayron Villaverde was born on July 21, 1985, in Havana, Cuba. From an early age he showed his passion for art and made his first drawings when he was around 5 years old. Seeing his interest continued, his parents enrolled him in a school of art called "José Antonio Díaz Peláez" located in Vedado, Havana, Cuba. With 15 years old he gets the first place at the provincial ranks in the entrance exams to enroll in School Art Instructors "E.I.A"-(Eduardo Garcia Delgado). 


In 2006 he moved to Miami, Florida, United States. After a tragic accident on January 18, 2010, which he gets out alive, he focuses more on his life and projects, and create "ART GOD & LOVE INC". Created the company and full of work and plans to make it grow, they begin the production of the first music album "Infinito +" which manage to finish in late 2013 and early 2014, and they also published their first book "Mi libro para ti".


Dayron Villaverde wants to win the love and affection of the people, that is one of the most important reasons why work hard and fight to expand his work around the world and grow the company. Dayron Villaverde wants to bring joys, love, faith and hope to the lives of people. He say: "I'm very happy and grateful to the Lord for the things that are happening to me in my professional and personal life right now". Dayron is a man full of faith who wants to earn your love, respect and affection.